Transforming money management skills for residents

November 10, 2021

Meet Lordina Yankey, SW9 Community Housing resident.

Lordina was excited and eager to gain more knowledge on how she manages her finances. Lordina started her Financial training on 13 January 2021 and completed all three lessons by 23 January 2021, with the same trainer Jacqueline. The lessons were all remote and they covered the following topics: ‘Controlling your spending, e.g. spending only what you can afford and Keeping track of your money e.g. track what money comes in and out.

“I feel more confident now as I have gained more knowledge in these subjects.” Said Lordina, and she confirmed that her confidence had grown and that she has a lot more knowledge. Lordina continued to say… “My trainer Jacqueline was informative, and I felt at ease and engaged throughout the training. The lessons were very much focused around my personal finances and being able to manage and budget outgoings and incomings.”

The information that Jacqueline provided was useful as it gave Lordina the confidence to focus on managing her finances a lot more efficiently. Lordina understands when she gets paid, when and how to allocate her spend evenly, for example, paying bills, socialising and more. Jacqueline also went through how to access vouchers online and the process of applying to become a mystery shopper, which Lordina was not aware of.

“Overall, the training has given me the confidence to manage my finances more efficiently and I would recommend the support to other residents within the housing association.” Lordina

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