From self-doubt to a new burst of confidence - read Mohammed's story.

September 28, 2022

Mohammed was recently made redundant from his role as a support worker in the health and social care sector.

Having worked a difficult job helping people with substance and alcohol issues, Mohammed was looking for something different; however, when looking for work, he found there wasn’t much available that he could fit around looking after his three-year-old son. Mohammed looked for other options such as courses which could boost his skills and lead him onto a new career path.

Having always had an interest in computers and coding, and programming, when Mohammed heard about We Are Digital’s Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, he thought it would be beneficial to him.

“I didn't really know which direction I wanted to take, but I knew I had to work around my son and this would be something I could do.” Mohammed said.

The Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing wasn’t just something that Mohammed could fit around his son, but it was something he could do from home which really helped with childcare and flexibility.

Before the course started, Mohammed’s son split water over his laptop which meant he wasn’t able to use it, but We Are Digital provided him with a replacement which meant he didn’t have to drop out.

Mohammed said that he found the course appealing but challenging and while he had his ups and downs, he was pleased when he managed to pass it at the end. While he thought he had some knowledge of marketing before, Mohammed found that the course really opened his eyes to Digital Marketing.

“The reason why I managed to do it, is because I found it really interesting and I was committed to it.

“It’s believing in yourself as well. I'm the best at self-doubt. I still can't believe that I managed to pass it.”

The course has allowed Mohammed to believe in himself and has shown him that he can work for himself if that’s the route he chooses to take.

Thanks to the bootcamp, Mohammed is about to embark on a new role running the social media side of his friend’s online business.

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A new burst of confidence