From Teacher to a Digital Marketer

February 21, 2023

Having been the Head of Performing Arts at a secondary school for four years, and a teacher for seven, Michonne knew it was time for a change; it was time to seek a new career that focused on her enjoyment of design and creativity.

Michonne pictureAfter coming across one of our ads on Instagram, Michonne decided to sign up for our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing. With previous experience in graphic design, she was excited to learn more about the Digital Marketing industry and what it might have in store for her.

Whilst on the course, Michonne had not long had her first child which meant she was having to juggle between her hours of learning and looking after a newborn. At times she would have to whisper her feedback and opinions to course activities, making sure her daughter would not wake up whilst she attended the live lesson.

This made it difficult to fully commit to the course at times, but Michonne said her trainer, Ella, made sure each class worked in her favor; allowing her to collaborate and not miss a session, even though she was a new mum.

Whilst I was doing the course from home, I was also balancing and trying to look after her and put her to sleep”.

“Ella was amazing about it and really understanding as she understood when I did not have my camera on or understanding that maybe I had to whisper when I had to share my answers or feedback”.

When it came to updating her CV, Michonne found it challenging to apply her previous teaching skillset to her newly chosen career in digital marketing. She was given support by one of our digital marketing trainers, who also had previous teaching experience. Together, they were able to tailor Michonne’s CV and secure her first role as a Social Media and Marketing Executive for the Teaching Awards Trust. Now putting her knowledge attained from the course into practice, a typical day in her new role would include creating content for different sponsors, scheduling social media, writing blogs and using Google Analytics to monitor customer and audience engagement.

“It is definitely a change from what I am used to but the course pretty much covered everything that I am currently doing in this role. And I am able to do these day-to-day tasks by myself. I felt the course was flexible enough and I was still able to complete the course even though I had the challenge of looking after a newborn”.

Thanks to the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, Michonne is now enjoying the kickstart of her new career in the Digital Marketing industry; an industry she was also keen to become a part of.

“It is really informative and there is lots to cover and it gives you a really good understanding of what it is like in the digital marketing industry”

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