A Social Impact Company

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed, no matter their circumstances.  We empower people to take control of their lives and create positive change. 




Our Vision

We envision a world where no one is left behind.



Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower people in need to live a better life.

Our Story

We have undergone multiple transformations since we were founded,  however, our commitment to social impact has never changed.  

Founded in 2012 as ‘Silver Training’, our founder Matthew Adam set out with the objective of providing digital training to local communities.  

In 2015 we entered a new phase as We Are Digital Training Ltd. With a national trainer network covering 40 regions, we established new partnerships and managed community programmes for big clients. 

In 2023, we received £5.2 million of funding from Europe’s biggest impact Private Equity fund, IMPACT Partners. The funding enabled us to invest in our unique Wel-Tech Platform, our operational model underpinned by technology. Since then we have been managing community-led programmes for clients and creating social impact like never before.  


A social impact company - a business for good

We support society by empowering people providing them access to training, advice and guidance.

We believe in social impact. So much so, we’ve had Social Impact written into our charter and we only work on projects that create social impact. 

Rooted in empathy and a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by sectors and individuals, we extend a helping hand, by providing direct access to support, resources, and opportunities for growth. Via our Community Partner Network we ensure no one is left behind. 

We make a positive impact with positive outcomes.



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Learners are not age-dependent and typically include people aged over 19 and based in the UK. They learn with professional, experienced tutors and trainers. This can be remotely (online), face-to-face at home or in small groups, or at one of more than 300 UK-wide learning and training centres. We are proud to continue to offer variety and flexibility in our service delivery.

Example audiences for learners: Over 19s, typically unemployed, in part-time work or in work poverty; otherwise, hard to reach people and who want to level up their lives and their opportunities.

Services users

Moving offline to online can be daunting for some. While some are fluent in digital, many still lose out on new opportunities and even miss out on everyday simple tasks like accessing Government services, benefits, financial products, online shopping, accessing charitable and support services, food and healthcare.

Every day, We Are Group is working to change this. Every day we help someone get online, learn new skills, access help and services. Every day, someone is better off because of the work we do as a team of dedicated professionals, who specialise in talking to people who used to struggle and who now have some answers and a way out, a way forward.

Example service users: literally anyone typically trying to overcome a challenge or difficulty, but who doesn’t have the necessary skills, education, support, tools and information required to deal with the situation and have a positive outcome.