We are committed to making a social impact through education by providing various services that help people access courses to gain relevant industry skills or gain skills to navigate the digital world.


Digital Skills Training

Our Digital Skills training teaches people to use digital tools confidently and is designed to make sure nobody gets left behind.

Accessing digital services, products, and advice is part of our day-to-day; without essential digital skills, getting on is much harder. Our training gives participants the skills and confidence to become more digitally included in their lives.

The course focuses on everything from basic IT skills and introductions to specific programmes to comprehensive and advanced user experiences.

The courses are delivered by our nationwide expert partners, that provide 1-2-1, face to face or group sessions, via the telephone, face to face, online or at the local high street. Our customer-centric approach means that we tailor our services to meet their individual needs, ensuring that they are confident in using digital tools and services.

Course content examples:

  • Internet Safety (fraud and scam prevention)
  • Arranging GP appointments via video
  • Shopping online safely
  • Online banking
  • Accessing housing portals
  • Completing forms online and via the phone (forms such as Universal Credit)
  • Video calls to friends and family – reducing social isolation.

How our Digital Skills services could support your organisation:

  • Reduce your call centre costs by decreasing call volume and average handling times, reducing sludge practice, and enabling customer contact centres to focus on more complex issues.
  • Facilitate the adoption of digital channels to improve customer service for your organisation and to help your customers access other services too. 
  • Single overview of data from whole programme to track every person end-to-end, no need to request ad-hoc reports, no loss of data across multiple suppliers.
  • Provide tangible evidence of the real-life impact of your services through our Social Return on Investment surveys and measurement.
  • Enhance accessibility for users by meeting them at their point of need, through their preferred channel, and exactly when they need it.

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