I wanted to do it on my own - Read Musammat's story

July 4, 2023

Musammat, a 39-year-old woman from London, lives with her husband and three children. Having moved to the UK 17 years ago from Bangladesh, Musammat found that in recent years, everything is going digital, and she wanted to be able to keep up. Although English isn’t her first language, Musammat was determined to overcome this barrier and embrace the opportunities presented by the fast-paced digital world. 

“My daughter is busy and the rest of the family too, so I thought I should learn on my own.”

Despite her best efforts, Musammat was struggling to navigate the online world on her own. She tried to figure out how to use shopping apps and do things online, but she just wasn't confident in her abilities and didn't know where to start. She would often turn to her daughter for help, but her daughter was busy with her own life. Musammat was determined to learn how to do things on her own.

One day, while visiting her local community centre, the Bow Hub Community, Musammat was introduced by the centre to the Lloyds Banking Group Digital Helpline, delivered by We Are Digital. Musammat called the Digital Helpline and was booked in for a training session with one of We Are Digital's trainers.

The training session took place over the phone and on a laptop and lasted for three hours. During this time, the trainer showed Musammat how to download shopping apps and how to do online banking, something she never thought she would be able to do. Musammat only needed one training session in order to improve her digital skills. However, the Digital Helpline provides additional support if that is required. 

“The trainer was very nice and really helpful. He showed me how to download apps on my laptop.”

The training not only gave Musammat the confidence she needed to navigate the online world, but it also made her life easier. She was able to look at supermarket apps for discounts, compare prices, and save money. Musammat also stated that she was able to download shopping apps for Tesco, Asian clothes, and shops by herself, using her mobile phone.

Musammat was thrilled with the training and felt proud of her newfound skills. She was able to do things on her own and no longer had to rely on her daughter or anyone else for help. The training has changed her life for the better and she is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

“I don’t have to go the bank, everything is on the app. I can see what I’m spending and can transfer money. Everything is so much easier.”

“The training showed me everything on the laptop, told me how I can do the same on my mobile phone. I downloaded the shopping apps for Tesco, Asian clothes and shops by myself on my phone and the bank app, it was easy.”

"I’m very happy with the training and that I can do this myself now!"

The Lloyds Banking Group Digital Helpline helps thousands of people each year become more confident through the digital skills training provided by We Are Digital. To accurately measure the outcome and impact of the service on the learner and their community we use Social Return On Investment, which follows a methodological best practice. This unique method is pioneering a way forward for the sector and allows us to show how the service has impacted the life of the customer.

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