Our Investors

Our investors play a critical role in our operations, providing the financial backing that enables us to amplify our impact. They believe in the same vision and purpose as us to ensure no one is left behind.


Impact Partners aims to drive impact by supporting social and green businesses. They believe in finding opportunities where others see obstacles and act according to their principles in an agile and pragmatic manner. Their mission is to ensure that every founder, no matter their social status has access to the resources they need to succeed.

They work with ambitious entrepreneurs who share their vision for a sustainable and just society. Their ultimate goal is to transform capitalism into a driving force for a more inclusive society.

Shaping Impact Group logo

Shaping Impact Group are a group of driven and dedicated investment managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants who strive for more: more sustainability, more solidarity, and more justice. They guide investors and philanthropists who believe the world can do better and want to make a difference.

They are a diverse team with in-depth experience and knowledge in the areas of private equity, venture capital, impact investing and venture philanthropy. And they know, like no other, how you can use them optimally to create sustainable societal innovation.

Accenture logo

Accenture's purpose is “To deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.” This is their unique reason for being that sets them apart and guides them; it captures the energy and inspiring nature of the work they do.

The core of their growth strategy is delivering 360° value to their clients, people, shareholders, partners and communities. Their strategy defines the areas in which they will drive growth, build differentiation via 360° value and enable their business to create that value every day.

Tripple point logo 2

Triple Point is an investment company that focuses on the intersection of people, purpose, and profit. They target areas like digital infrastructure, energy efficiency, and social housing to unlock investment opportunities that make a difference. By addressing big problems and creating strong demand, Triple Point allows investors to achieve both financial returns and social impact.

Their unique investment opportunities tackle challenges such as the need for housing, cutting emissions, funding public services, and supporting businesses to grow the economy.