From a small Etsy Business to a Digital Marketing Executive: How the Skills Bootcamps paved the way for my career in Marketing.

April 28, 2023

Motivation can be the drive you need to challenge yourself and learn a new skill(s).

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Tashaney is an example of how letting your motivational drive take over, can get you from being unemployed and running a small Etsy business, to having a career as a Digital Marketing Executive.

With a previous background as a fashion design student, Tashaney found herself wanting to pursue a career in digital marketing. She was unemployed with a small Etsy business where she would make a few sales here and there, but never realised her full potential.

“What lead me to sign up to the course was the enjoyment that I got from running an e-commerce store for fun, realising that I quite liked to delve into analytics, copywriting, and marketing my products.”                        

She found the course easy-going from her previous knowledge and experience in the field, but found the concept of paid adverts challenged her as this was completely new; unlike organic marketing which was familiar to her as she had run a small business.

“I found the classes quite insightful and really enjoyed the group work as it certainly cemented a lot of the information we were learning into my mind when I put it into practice.”

“The content I learned during the course helped me feel much more confident to apply for an entry-level digital marketing role and apprenticeships due to the content-heavy nature of the course”.

When it came to applying for roles, Tashaney took matters into her own hands going above and beyond applying for the roles We Are Digital offered post-course. She also received additional support from our trainer Lee, whom she found helped her learn a lot about her new career choice.

“She really wanted the best outcome for us all and that showed in her way of teaching where she personalised some teaching points to her own experiences. This helped me learn a lot. She was also very patient and understanding which made me feel comfortable asking silly questions”.

Not long after finishing the course, Tashaney landed a digital marketing apprenticeship which has since resulted in becoming a Digital Marketing Executive for a boutique lifecycle marketing agency.

“I am now a digital marketing executive for a boutique lifecycle marketing agency called Pepped where I am in charge of in-house marketing and client delivery.”

As a driven individual and past candidate on our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, we are really pleased to see Tashaney is thriving in her new career and are excited to see what her future has in store for her.

“I’m an intrinsically motivated individual with a drive for challenging myself to learn new skills each day. I have a background of being a fashion design student, and have found myself in the digital marketing field (which I’m really happy about)”.

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