From PR Professional to Digital Marketing Trainer: Anna’s Skills Bootcamp Story

March 18, 2024

After spending nine years in corporate PR (Public Relations), taking a career break to raise her children, and then retraining in social media marketing, Anna discovered her true vocation: teaching. Now, as a trainer for our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, she helps others learn, grow, and create a career in Digital Marketing.

Anna Skipwith - Image

Anna, a PR and communications professional, started her own agency to help small businesses with social media management and communications. However, due to the restriction of lockdown during the pandemic, she shifted her work online and became a trainer for an online marketing school. Being part of this small team of trainers made Anna realise that she preferred working in a team rather than alone.

Anna's realisation led her to join us as a Skills Bootcamp Trainer at We Are Group. And with a background in marketing and communications, Anna was the perfect fit to teach our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing.

Our Skills Bootcamps allow Anna to share her knowledge on an array of Digital Marketing topics, from social media and SEO, to analytics and advertising. As our Skills Bootcamps cover a wide range of topics, our learners are able to gain a well-rounded understanding of the industry and build a broad skill set.

“I love the fact that the Skills Bootcamp covers the whole of Digital Marketing. This is great because it gives learners a solid foundation in the whole digital marketing landscape – and that’s a real advantage, whichever part of the industry they end up specialising in.”

On the course, learners gain key skills in:

  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media
  • SEO and Paid Advertising
  • Content and Email Marketing
  • Analytics and Strategy

One module Anna particularly enjoys teaching is Content Marketing, as it allows for creativity and lets learners have fun with the assignments.

“One of my favourite modules to teach is content marketing. It's a creative topic, and I love seeing how much fun the students have while working on their assignments.”

In each lesson, Anna takes a step-by-step approach to ensure her learners understand each topic before moving on to the next, making the learning process more manageable and enjoyable.

Anna teaching her class

“We teach the course step by step…making sure people understand along the way.”

By being a Skills Bootcamp Trainer Anna is also able to develop alongside her learners. She’s found herself starting to enjoy the Marketing Analytics module, even though it was not an area she had directly worked in.

“The freedom to use my own imagination and teach things in my own way means I have learnt to enjoy teaching topics that I haven’t directly worked in.”

One of the most rewarding things for Anna is being able to engage with participants and give them the extra time and attention they need to fully grasp a concept. By nurturing their growth, she has seen learners gain the confidence to experiment with new ideas and apply for Digital Marketing jobs.

“It's really nice when you can talk to learners, build their confidence, and show them that actually they can answer questions and they have got good ideas.”

Anna is grateful for the opportunity to be a Skills Bootcamp Trainer at We Are Group. She appreciates being part of a supportive team of Trainers at We Are Group and values the chance to teach essential skills, transform lives, and support learners into their dream careers.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a Skills Bootcamp Trainer. Teaching the course is a great fit for me, and I look forward to continuing my journey with We Are Group, helping more learners discover their potential.”

Annas class - ImageAnna teaching her Skills Bootcamp learners over Zoom.

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