Moving forward with opportunities - Read Sandy's story.

December 7, 2022

Sandy-NGSandy NG moved to the UK from Hong Kong in 2021. Despite her extensive experience and background in Financial management systems, Sandy was unable to find work in the UK.

A Trade Compliance Specialist, Sandy had experience working for Chanel as well as other large companies, but with no UK experience, Sandy found herself unemployed for over a year.

Sandy moved to the UK to be with her parents who had moved to Manchester to retire and some of her siblings who were already over here. Apart from the challenges of the cold weather and learning to drive, Sandy wasn’t expecting to find employment so difficult.

“I struggled to find employment, so I began to look for courses to refresh my knowledge in other industries. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing in 2004, but I know that a lot has changed since then.” Sandy said.

A friend told Sandy about We Are Digital’s Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, and she decided that the skills and knowledge that she would gain from this course would be beneficial to her no matter where her career led her, so Sandy applied and was accepted onto the 12-week course.

“The course really helped me to grow my mindset helped me to understand the market situation. It also helped me to move forward with opportunities that I had in front of me."

“My trainer was a very inspiring coach, he was very positive and would do whatever he could to help us understand and to assist us in our growth in our careers. Tom helped me to believe in myself and he even put extra time over time to help with my resume LinkedIn profile.” Sandy said.

A month after Sandy finished the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, she was offered a job and is now back working as a Product Pricing Analyst but here in the UK.

Sandy does however have aspirations to run her own business one day and to write her own blog so the skills she learned on the skills bootcamp are invaluable.

“We Are Digital’s Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp is brilliant and very practical with very up-to-date business case studies and exercises. The additional learning resources provided at the end of each module are very informative for ongoing learning even after the course. Tom is the most excellent trainer I have ever met, his positivity and great support with inspiration and encouragement are most appreciated.“ Sandy added.

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