121 training to help Vale of Aylesbury residents improve their digital skills

December 14, 2021

Through our digital skills training support, Anthony Kendall now feels more confident to complete tasks online.

Anthony was excited about the training but had concerns as he had little knowledge about using a tablet or computer and did not have the confidence to complete tasks online. To support him he was referred for training and gifted a laptop by Vale of Aylesbury Housing.

Anthony started the remote training with We Are Digital and informed the booking team in the triage process that he had both an internet connection and the device supplied by Vale of Aylesbury, but he had limited experience using a digital device.

“I was very interested as I'd rather do things myself than get someone else to do it for me. Soon as I was told about it, I said, "yeah I want some of that". I was shown how to put apps on and stuff like that, at the end of my training sessions I was left with a program called LearnMyWay.”

Anthony found the training to be enjoyable, he also felt his tutor was accommodating and the support he received made him feel completely relaxed and made it easy for him to approach the training tasks.

After receiving the training, he reports that it has improved his confidence and he is now confident to use a computer, able to use certain programmes, email communication, researching and as well as receiving his medical records.
Anthony believes the 1-1 connection helped to improve his technical skills and the encouragement from his tutor and “it encourages me to continue using the computer more, because like I said if you don't use it, you don't learn it”.

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