Improving digital skills confidence for Southern Housing residents

November 10, 2021

“I was really excited  about the training but slightly anxious”

Robert was excited about the training but had concerns. A lot of time had passed since he last used a computer and he lost his confidence. Lack of confidence with using a device and accessing installed programmes made it difficult to complete admin tasks for his residence association. To support him he was given training and gifted a laptop by Southern Housing.

Robert started the remote training with We Are Digital on the 23rd June 2021 and informed the booking team in the triage process that he had both an internet connection and the device supplied by Southern housing but he had limited experience. Robert completed all three sessions by the 20th July 2021 using the same trainer Terry, throughout.

The feedback to Terry was that he was very down to earth, helpful, and most importantly understanding. Terry made Robert feel confident and told him that he was progressing well and would pick things up quickly. They had an excellent rapport and were very supportive. Overall he made Robert feel very confident and made the training a memorable experience.

Robert believes the 1-1 connection helped to improve his technical skills and the encouragement from Terry and “the fact that he was providing me with clear instructions on how to do something motivated me”.  

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