From Manufacturing To Social Impact - Read Peter's Story

February 3, 2023

peters-photo-v2Having spent my younger years building and restoring classic cars  I appreciated the manufacturing industry's hands on approach and practical problem solving skills.

It was this mindset that inspired me to take up a career in the manufacturing industry at the age of 18, having worked with Ford, John Deere, Audi, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. I have seen some of the biggest and most prestigious manufacturers in the world deliver at all levels.

From factory floor worker to a Project Manager, I have educated myself with the cutting edge methodology's that power the biggest changes in the industry. 

The passion culminated from efficiency and streamlining meant that I had a real motivation to improve ways of working that effected everyone around me in a positive way.

When the opportunity presented at We Are Digital I immediately seen a real social impact benefit from my years of experience.

I became Project Manager and immediately enjoyed the reward of supporting the public in a socially impactful way.

Over the space of 7 months I then became Head of Projects with the ability to expand my experience over a team that will now have the knowledge to spread that purposeful mission over a wider area.

Since joining We Are Digital I've felt nothing but support, inclusivity and pride. I've worked many roles over my career and for the first time can proudly say it's the best role I've ever taken, with the CEO truly caring about social impact, I truly feel a part of the We Are Digital family. 

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