Planning for the future - Read Wiktoria's story.

November 4, 2022

Originally from Poland, Wiktoria Bronisz now lives in the North West of the UK. As English wasn’t her first language, Wiktoria faced a barrier when doing things online. She avoided using digital services, visiting her local Lloyds Bank branch instead to pay bills, and only using cash to buy things, which was inconvenient.

Wiktoria wanted to be more confident in using online services. She got in touch after seeing an ad for the Digital Helpline support service, run by We Are Digital in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group.

Things started to change.

Through the Digital Helpline, Wiktoria received dedicated one-to-one support from trainer, Ayshah Ali.

Ayshah worked with Wiktoria to understand the areas where she needed help. Firstly, to help with the language barrier, Ayshah arranged for a translator, meaning Wiktoria could understand the support Ayshah was providing.

Continuing with the support of both her translator and trainer, Wiktoria learned how to create an online banking account and how to use the banking app. Ayshah also taught Wiktoria how to set up a standing order to pay her bills, and helped her make an application for a credit card which subsequently helped restore her low credit score.

“I was struggling with my English, it’s not my first language! The service provided me with a translator which really helped me learn so much.

Ayshah was very helpful, they explained everything in detail, and if I didn’t understand something they explained it again and again until I understood it. They gave me all the time I needed.”

Things really took a turn for the better. One of Wiktoria’s biggest worries was her credit score as this meant she would struggle to buy her own house. The Digital Helpline has not only supported her in making bills and payments easier and more accessible but has also opened up doors for her future with being able to use her credit card regularly to build her credit score.

“I was expecting someone to just show me how to apply but I’ve learned so much more. I now have a credit card. I didn’t know about a credit score! It’s great, as I check it all the time now. The credit card has helped me build my credit score. My credit score is going up all the time. It’s going to help me apply for a mortgage."

Fast forward to now, Wiktoria is in a really good place. The first thing she told us is that her credit score is going up, making her feel more confident. She is now even planning for her future by getting ready to apply for a mortgage. She also enjoys using her banking app as she can check her finances every day, giving her peace of mind.


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