1:1 training to help residents improve digital skills

November 10, 2021

Through our digital skills training, South East Local Enterprise Partnership customers, now feel more confident & able to take the skills and knowledge they’ve gained & apply them.

Meet Mrs L R Bradburn, through our digital training support she now feels confident to complete tasks online.

“Jacqueline is magical, couldn’t wish for a better 1:1. She helped me a lot and showed me different skills and modules”

Mrs L was informed of the training offer from a friend and completed the online registration signup on 11th August and was booked onto her 1-2-1 training on the 18th August using our trainer Jacqueline. Mrs L was lacking the confidence to get online due to her laptop being very old and slow and was gifted a tablet and sim card through the training offer.

In her with Jacqueline, it really focused on the importance of writing a covering letter, how to write and update her CV and then moved on to job searching and signing up for job emails and finally online interview tips. The feedback from Jacqueline was that Mrs L was very engaged and the training met all her needs. She was really happy and felt that she had learnt a lot.

After completing the training she attended a group webinar course to run through more tips on interviews and Mrs L is now confident with these skills and is also creating and managing her email folders and aware of the importance of online security.

“I lacked confidence and having a slow old laptop was the main reason that stopped me from being digitally active. The 1:1 with Jacqueline, the webinar sessions that are being delivered by Gareth & the tablet were a great help to me”.

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