A new burst of confidence

March 21, 2023

One year of unemployment can really be the difference between becoming a career go-getter or losing your confidence completely, to find that perfect role. This was something Nathanael had experienced first-hand after finishing university, realising he was not actually sure what he wanted a career in.

Photo 3Nathanael spent the following year trying to figure out what it was exactly he wanted to do, eventually leading him down the route of digital marketing. Despite completing various online courses, Nathanael felt he did not have any practical experience in the industry, leading him to continue down this feeling of not having confidence or passion.

“I had no confidence in myself towards finding a job because I lacked actual practical experience, but then I saw how the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing gave you the experience you needed before going into a job, as well as covering much more on digital marketing”.

Before applying, Nathanael thought he might not have been a good fit for the course as it seemed difficult with the volume of practical and collaborative work the course offered. However, once enrolled, he found the structure and delivery of the course enabled him to thrive and be excited to practically apply what he had learnt during the 12 weeks. His trainer also made the intense sessions engaging and fun by sharing his knowledge of the digital marketing industry, with his many years of experience.

“He told us so many stories, and was so interactive with getting everyone involved, so the classes felt like such a safe yet fun place”.

Even though Nathanael had previous knowledge of digital marketing, it was not until he completed the course where he felt his confidence had returned. He could now practically apply what he had learnt to such a competitive industry. Nathanael found he was also able to discuss his new passion within digital marketing and what career direction he wanted to take through being supported by James from our Progression team.

“He found me many roles relating to my choices and then went through my CV and job applications to make sure they were perfect!”

I have also connected with my trainer after and can contact him whenever I need help or want to catch up”.

Photo 2After the course, Nathanael landed his first interview, which led to his current role as a Graduate Marketing Intern for Future U; an outreach organisation which provides activities to senior school and college students, helping to increase their attainment and motivation when it comes towards reaching higher education. Responsible for the organisation’s social media channels, marketing material and idea creation and delivery, Nathanael is doing something he is passionate about and is thriving whilst doing it.

“Although my current job is as an intern, and will only last until July, I think the experience from the course and this job will help me greatly for the future!".

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