Jasper's Digital Inclusion Journey with We Are Digital

August 8, 2023

Jasper, a resident of Golding Homes, wanted to boost his digital skills and get up to speed with the online world. He decided to join We Are Digital's one-to-one digital inclusion course, where he could learn at his own pace. The course covered a variety of topics to improve Jasper's digital know-how, and his trainer, William Doust, made sure to make the sessions engaging and tailored to his needs.

With William's guidance, Jasper discovered the power of Google Calendar to keep his schedule organised. He learned how to set up reminders so he’d never miss an important event or appointment again.

Jasper also explored the exciting world of blogging and learned how to set up his own blog on Blogger.com. He enjoyed how he could customise its look and feel, and William taught him how to embed content and edit images and videos using Squoosh. They also discussed the importance of knowing your audience and creating blog posts that cater to their interests.

Using Virtual FM, a podcasting platform owned by Spotify, Jasper was able to discover how to create his own audio content. William showed him the ropes, and Jasper couldn't wait to start sharing his ideas and passions through podcasts.

The training sessions exceeded my expectations because my trainer, William, was able to introduce many different concepts about communication, writing, visualisation, and presentation of my content.”

Jasper was thrilled with the training sessions provided by We Are Digital. He couldn't have asked for a better trainer than William Doust, who introduced him to a wide range of communication, writing, visualization, and onscreen content presentation techniques. William's attentive listening and repetition of key concepts made it easier for Jasper to remember and apply what he learned. Jasper now feels confident in his abilities and believes he can use his new skills effectively.

Jasper's digital inclusion journey with We Are Digital was a resounding success. Through personalised training, he gained essential skills in using Google Calendar, blogging on Blogger.com, and podcasting through Virtual FM. We Are Digital's commitment to individualised training and the expertise of trainers like William played a significant role in Jasper's digital literacy improvement. Equipped with newfound confidence, Jasper is ready to navigate the digital world with ease and make the most of his online experiences.

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