Unlocking Career Opportunities in partnership with Liberty Hive

September 6, 2023

Our Skills Bootcamps are recognised for providing individuals with the opportunity to upskill and secure employment. However, none of this could be possible without the support of our onboarded Partners and Employers.

LH WAD joint creativeIn February 2023, we took a huge step forward by joining forces with Liberty Hive. And launching in September, the unique ‘Get Hired by Liberty Hive’ recruitment platform will be integrated into our Skills Bootcamps.

“Liberty Hive is a tech-led talent platform that connects candidates to the best job opportunities in the digital media and marketing industry quickly and easily. Turning the tables on traditional recruitment, the instant matching technology means it behaves more like a dating service!  The technology connects you whilst the Founders build the new community, talking to every new candidate and providing advice and guidance. Their approach is inclusive to all.”  – Liberty Hive Spokesperson

Not only will this alliance offer a wide range of exciting job opportunities for our digital marketing candidates, but our joint initiative will enable our candidates to seek out and secure marketing roles that suit their strengths, skills, and career goals.

“Liberty Hive are a great partner as they look beyond what is on our candidates' CVs. They really take the time to understand each candidate, their skills, what their unique talents are so they can better support matching them to job opportunities listed on their exciting platform”.  – Employer Engagement Partner 

Our partnership with Liberty Hive is full of potential, and we expect this initiative to have an immense impact on the lives and careers of our learners. We look forward to launching Liberty Hive’s match-making recruitment platform in our upcoming Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing, commencing in September.

For a preview of the platform, please visit: https://bit.ly/45WGQ3y

If you would like to be part of our impact by becoming a Partner or Employer of our Skills Bootcamps, please visit our website: Partner and Employer Opportunities (we-are-digital.co.uk)

To find out more about our partnership, watch the video below:

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