Duels of engagement: How can businesses best engage consumers on digitalisation

July 27, 2018

Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to engage with and influence consumers in our ever-busy digital landscape. You may have created the best product or app in the world, for example. But how will you grab the attention of consumers long enough for them to use or download it, let alone mindfully engage with your business’ proposition?

Engagement is a challenge for both the public and private sectors. It is one that we battle daily in our business. We Are Digital runs a number of courses designed to help housing association tenants to manage their finances and to earn money online. Our Earn it, don’t burn it course equips attendees with the skills to earn money before they hit an income crisis point – a far more exciting proposition for them than saving or budgeting.

In this article in Business Leaders, Matthew Adam, CEO of We Are Digital, reveals how nudge theory is giving businesses new tools to engage their customers.

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Gary Bullock