Digital skills training to encourage digital access

January 4, 2022

Through our digital skills training Mary Knight, now feels more confident & able to take the skills and knowledge she has gained & apply them.

Mary Knight was referred to We Are Digital for training by her housing association Guinness Care. She was excited about her training and had previously used a desktop computer and was familiar with how to use a smartphone and tablet. The training she received served as a refresher course, as it had been a while since she last used a computer.

While running through our triage it was confirmed Mary had both an internet connection and a piece of working equipment to undertake the training. She had bought a laptop previously but could not remember how to use it, before her training she was only using her phone to access things online. She started the remote training and completed all three sessions using the same trainer Bruce throughout.

“He was very thorough and never felt confused by him. Was very engaging.”

After completing her training Mary now feels more confident to complete tasks online such as, online banking, search functions and is also creating and managing her email folders and aware of the importance of online security.

“I have more confidence in knowing how to do things, if I don't have the confidence, I can always look at something to confirm.”

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