Nationwide meets with We Are Digital to discuss digital inclusion

July 27, 2018

Over the past month, Nesta has been busy introducing grant winners of the Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP) to business and civil society partners. We Are Digital, as one of the companies to receive backing from the IEP, was introduced to Nationwide to discuss the possibility of working together.

We Are Digital works with some of the UK’s largest housing associations, companies and charities to deliver digital training through basic digital skills group courses, digital champion workshops and one to one home training. It is this expertise that Nationwide is looking to utilise for the benefit of its customers.

The meeting was very productive, with Nationwide convening a range of key people from across the organisation working in online banking and financial capability. We Are Digital is now developing a business case proposal to put to Nationwide.

Matthew Adam, CEO of We Are Digital, said: “It is great to see banking institutions such as Nationwide taking proactive steps to address digital inclusion. For many banks, digital access is a massive issue as more branches continue to close on the high street. We are delighted that Nationwide wants to address this and continue to support its extensive customer base.”

Gary Bullock