The power of personalised training - read Dorothy's story

July 7, 2023

Dorothy, age 73, had been struggling with her digital skills for some time. Though she had access to a computer and other equipment, she lacked confidence in using it and felt lost when it came to tasks such as internet banking, emailing, and online safety.

Despite these challenges, Dorothy was determined to learn and become more comfortable with technology.

That's when she decided to seek help from the Digital Helpline service, which provides one-on-one digital training and support for individuals like Dorothy. Her trainer, Ayshah, was a patient and knowledgeable instructor who worked with Dorothy for a two-hour training session.

At the start of the session, Dorothy expressed her concerns about online safety and her struggles with internet banking. Ayshah listened carefully to her concerns and tailored the session to address them directly. She began by explaining the basics of online safety, including how to identify and avoid potential threats such as phishing scams and malware.

Once Dorothy felt more comfortable with online safety, Ayshah moved on to teaching her how to set up and use email.

This was a major milestone for Dorothy, who had previously avoided email altogether due to her lack of confidence in using technology. Ayshah patiently walked her through the process of setting up an email account, composing and sending messages, and managing her inbox.

“I’m very happy. I now have an email address and am learning new things every time.”

Dorothy feels more comfortable with technology and less intimidated by it and the Digital Helpline reached out to her again since her training. It was great to hear that Dorothy has continued her online experience and is now a keen YouTuber as well to learn new things and expand her knowledge on a variety of topics.

Overall, Dorothy's experience with the Digital Helpline service demonstrates the power of personalised, one-on-one training and support when it comes to building digital skills and confidence.

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