Online banking couldn't be easier - Read Charlotte's story.

December 7, 2022

Charlotte McNeilCharlotte McNeil, 53, is a single mum who lives in Scotland with her 16-year-old daughter and works from home. She has struggled most of her parenting life, bringing up her daughter while juggling her job and supporting her family business (two pubs).

With her busy lifestyle, Charlotte has found it hard to keep pace and understand how to do things digitally and felt left behind.

“Everything is digital now and you don’t know where the time has gone. It’s a struggle to do these things, especially if I know how to do business stuff. I’ve always wanted to learn internet banking, but I didn’t have the time. I did try and go online by myself, but I found it difficult.”

“I couldn’t pay my daughter’s school club payments which were required only to be paid online, like her hockey, I had to get help from her dad.”

Charlotte wanted to start doing things online but didn't feel confident, despite both her sister and daughter telling her how easy it is.

Charlotte found the Digital Helpline service through a Lloyds Banking email. The service - provided by Lloyds Bank Group partner, We Are Digital, seemed to be exactly what she was looking for.

“This training has made my life easier. I can see what’s going in and out of my accounts and I can transfer money. I transfer money into my daughter’s account, which makes things so much easier, and she loves it.”

Through We Are Digital’s triage process they found out what Charlotte needed help with and was assigned a dedicated trainer, Ayshah Ali, and sent her a tablet to help Charlotte get started.

Ayshah supported, helped, and taught Charlotte how to download the Lloyds banking app, how apps work, how Charlotte’s online account works, and what she can see within the banking app.

“Ayshah was absolutely brilliant, she had so much patience with me which was great for me.”

Ayshah also showed Charlotte how to transfer money. Ayshah did 3 training sessions with Charlotte, two over the telephone and one on Zoom.

“I found the service provided on the telephone great and it easy, I also had one session on Zoom which was good too.”

Charlotte was very pleased and happy with the training and Ayshah. She feels so much more confident, and she can now download apps and transfer money by herself.

“I thought I couldn’t do this, but with the training and help, I can do things online. I should have done this training a long time ago! I’ve downloaded the Sainsbury’s app where I look at the prices to manage my food spend.”



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