Getting online changed my life: Chris’s story

December 14, 2021

We believe in introducing everyone to the digital world and if we can get people online, show them a new way, and guide them towards advice - we know we can help them unlock a more secure future.

Meet Chris, We Are Digital provided the support he needed to get online, so he can benefit from being connected to the internet, and not be left behind in this digital world.
When Chris was referred to, We Are Digital, he did not have a reliable means of connecting to the internet. He had recently been released from prison and left with nothing.

Upon his release he got a new basic (non-smartphone) pay as you go mobile, so he could stay in contact with the agencies that were helping him. He did not own or have access to a device that he could access the internet on.

One of our digital support agents gave him a call and went through the triage process with him, to understand his needs and how best we could support him. As a result of that, We Are Digital provided him with a tablet, provided data and offered support to help him get online.

“It was brilliant - the tablet turned up 2 days later!” – Chris, Chester UK

The difference getting online makes

Having a device allowed Chris to start searching for jobs and accommodation. Not only that, but he could stay in touch with his friends and keep up to date with social media.
As Chris was able to search for jobs, he applied for many, and he successfully got a permanent full-time job working night shifts as a forklift driver. The job is giving him further training.

Since he left prison, he has also sorted out his debts after speaking with Citizens Advice and his next task is to find somewhere else to live as his current roommates have addiction problems that he wants to get away from.

Chris said that “the tablet is brilliant and has really changed my life.”

We Are Digital encourages people to get online and access services, to enrich their lives, help them save money and open new opportunities. If you're interested in finding out more about our training, and how we can support your residents, or you’ve got a question but you are not sure who to ask? Then get in touch with us:

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