We are digital urges people to open up about personal finances in support of talk money week

November 9, 2020

  • Talk Money Week (9-13 November) encourages people to have more open conversations about their money and pensions
  • Talking about money is more important than ever amid the ongoing financial impact of Covid-19
We Are Digital has announced it is taking part in Talk Money Week, an annual awareness campaign run by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) to encourage everyone to open up about their money and pensions.
Held from 9th to the 13th November, Talk Money Week aims to reduce the stigma around money by encouraging conversations among families, friends, neighbours, customers, colleagues and communities. Talking openly about money can have a huge impact on managing money worries and is important for our overall health and relationships. The impact of Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to start conversations about money to look after our financial wellbeing.

Talk Money Week is also an annual opportunity to celebrate the work that organisations like We Are Digital are doing to support the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. Launched by MaPS in January 2020, the strategy has ambitious ten-year goals to help everyone make the most of their money and pensions.

Throughout the week there will be activities across the UK to get more people talking about personal finance issues, and engaging with topics such as saving regularly, planning for retirement, dealing with debt, and teaching children and young people about managing money.

Matthew Adam, CEO of We Are Digital commented:

 “Rather than focusing on budgeting and saving, our financial inclusion programmes use an earning-money mentality to improve engagement rates and make it easier for participants to talk about money. Topics include accessing the gig economy, earning online and accessing grants. We’ve supported almost 2,000 individuals with one-to-one financial training so far in 2020.”

For more information on Talk Money Week visit www.maps.org.uk/talk-money-week/

 For media enquiries contact:
  • We Are Digital Press Office 01926 776 900 / wad@provapr.co.uk
  • Aimee Postle, Consultant Director 07786 560 204 / aimeep@provapr.co.uk​ 

About Talk Money Week

Talk Money Week is an annual public awareness campaign, run by the Money and Pensions Service, to get the nation talking about money. Speaking to others about finances has been shown to help people make better informed and less risky financial decisions, feel less stressed or anxious and more in control, have stronger personal relationships, and help their children form good lifetime money habits. Talk Money Week will take place from 9-13 November 2020.

About the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing

The UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing establishes five “agendas for change” and sets goals to be achieved by 2030. These are:
  • Financial Foundations: Two million more children and young people getting a meaningful financial education.
  • Nation of savers: Two million more working age people who are struggling and squeezed saving regularly.
  • Credit Counts: Two million fewer people often using credit to pay for food or bills
  • Better Debt Advice: Two million more people getting the debt advice they need; currently only 32% of those who need debt advice access it.
  • Future Focus: Five million more people understanding enough to plan for their later lives, and during them.

The strategy will also examine factors which can make people particularly susceptible to financial detriments, such as mental health conditions and gender.  Covid-19 has also highlighted certain segments of society that need specific focus – including some Black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, young people and those with variable incomes – and these additional vulnerabilities will be addressed in the recommendations. Further information about the UK Strategy is available at www.maps.org.uk/wellbeing 

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