We Are Digital partnership with PA Housing

December 8, 2020

Community investment and digital skills training provider, We Are Digital has secured a contract with PA Housing to provide in-home digital and financial inclusion training to a targeted group of residents.

The training will prove key to relieving isolation and loneliness in the communities PA Housing supports, delivering mental health improvements by providing access to online services and facilities. All sessions will be delivered remotely on a one-to-one basis.

Residents will be taught how to use tools such as Zoom and Skype to communicate with loved ones and friends and as well as how to order shopping and groceries online. They will also gain access to more employment opportunities, learn how to switch suppliers, navigate online banking, and negotiate bills. Participants will leave the course with increased confidence in using technology and will enhance their potential income with these new skills.

A recent survey conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) during the pandemic found that 12 million people in the UK had low financial resilience, meaning they may struggle with bills or loan repayments. Two million of these have entered low levels of financial resilience since February 2020.

John Orton, Community Investment Manager for PA Housing commented: “Having worked with We Are Digital for many years we know how great they are at delivering their face-to-face courses. The pandemic has made us look at new and innovative ways to help continue to deliver courses for our residents and We Are Digital’s offer of a digital solution is both innovative and deliverable. Even more so now, ensuring that our residents are digitally included is so important to their current and future wellbeing.”

We Are Digital is a social impact business working with housing associations, local and central government, and corporates to deliver positive and practical solutions to the problem of social exclusion across the UK.

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