Upskilling for the digital world

January 4, 2022

Now more than ever, digital skills are key to everyday life and lack of digital skills in the workplace can seriously hamper a persons' ability to perform effectively.

Meet Phillip 68 years old and he has been retired for 4 years. He had previously used a desktop computer with his old company and was familiar with smartphones and a tablet and the training he received served as a refresher course.

“Steve was very accommodating with me, started by asking what I already knew and took it from there. Everything had a very natural flow to how the service was delivered”.

Before his first training session, he wanted to know how “to use google software, google sheets namely. Hadn't used them for about 5 or 6 years. Everything was alien to me beforehand. Since receiving the training I use google sheets quite regularly now”.

Phillip completed all his training sessions with the same tutor Steve, throughout and reports he found Steve was very accommodating and used their training sessions to build on the knowledge he already had.

With the feedback from his trainer, Phillip was very engaged with his training he now feels much more confident using a tablet. “I feel much more confident, I was getting agitated with it previously but now I'm happy and it's no longer an eyesore seeing the tablet”. He is now able to use his tablet to stream tv shows, complete online tasks and use Google Workspaces.

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