Our Skills Bootcamps are back for a new launch

June 12, 2023

After the successful delivery of our Skills Bootcamps in Digital marketing over the past two years, we are pleased to share that we will soon be launching the next rollout in the coming months.

I am the future digital marketing creative

Exclusive to the Greater Manchester area, we now offer a fully funded 10-week version of our well-known digital marketing course, in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA). Currently, this shorter yet more intensive course is eligible for those living or working in the area of Greater Manchester, with the other eligibility criteria of age and employment status staying the same as our previous courses. These new Skills Bootcamps will launch on 17 July 2023 and see almost 200 candidates complete the course to upskill. For more information about this partnership, read Greater Manchester Combined Authority Press Release here.

This Partnership will also see us launch and deliver our first fully-funded Skills Bootcamps in Data Analytics towards the latter part of this year; onboarding more participants to help upskill and support those into new and exciting careers within this industry.

Wave 3.2 Spotify creative 640 pxOur continued partnership with the Department for Education (DfE) will also see us launching improved Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing for those in the eligible regions of the North West, South West, and West Midlands.

With the latest Skills Bootcamps candidates giving us an overall success rating of 99%, we look forward to upskilling more participants and getting them into their new career path within marketing, along with hosting more guest speaker sessions and progression sessions.

For more information on any of our Skills Bootcamps and how to register your interest, please visit our website - https://bit.ly/45TkosZ

To become a Partner Employer, contact our Employer Progression Team today - Employer@we-are-digital.co.uk.

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