Building the confidence to make the most of the internet

January 4, 2022

A lack of digital skills can often lead to greater isolation, poverty, leading to poorer health outcomes, job prospects and education, access to public services and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Meet Sally Brunger,  she was excited and apprehensive before she received her training, she found it intimidating to use a tablet and computer as she rarely used the internet and often relied on the help of her daughter and grandchildren to support her with accessing things online.

She was informed of the training by her housing association Golding Homes, while running through our triage process, it was confirmed that Sally had both an internet connection and a working tablet to undertake the training. Sally started the remote training and completed all three sessions using the same We Are Digital trainer Sulman throughout.

“He was very thorough and incredibly patient with me. He was never patronising with me and went through the information as many times as I needed”.

Since receiving her training, Sally reports she now feels much more confident to ask for help and has gained the confidence to use technology devices and do more tasks online.

“It's been a great benefit to me. I used it in the very minimalist way before the training. I don't do anything exciting with my devices but much more confident with them”.

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