Enhancing Communication and Impact with Blink

August 10, 2023

Establishing and maintaining effective communication is essential for any organisation to be successful.

That is why we’ve invested in a new communications app called Blink, which has been successfully rolled out to our internal team, our partner centres that help us deliver our services to local communities, our specialist trainers, and our current clients.

Blink is an efficient tool that creates specialised timelines for each of our stakeholders. We now have the opportunity to send our network direct notices about upcoming events, changes in policy or procedures, and respond to inquiries or issues.

Through Blink, we also have the ability to provide updates on any new services or add-ons that are available. This includes notifications about new features added to existing products which would create even more impact. These real-time updates keep our stakeholders informed about our company's latest developments so they can stay ahead of the curve.

Being able to provide a personalised experience for our partners, trainers, and current clients helps us to build an even stronger relationship with them. Having the ability to streamline our communications and collaborate with each other on the things that matter most will result in greater productivity and efficiency.

We believe Blink is a great asset to our organisation, helping us to remain connected and increase productivity, all to ensure that our impact and reach continue to grow.

There has never been a better time to partner with We Are Digital.

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