Digital literacy improving lives in Cambridge

December 7, 2017

Cambridge City Council has partnered with We Are Digital to launch a digital training course aimed at those living in social housing in one of the highest rated wards for poverty and vulnerability. Without a community centre in the area, the course is being run out of the Barnwell Baptist Church with the pilot programme teaching participants practical digital skills.

Speaking about the programme, James Bull, Resident Involvement Officer at Cambridge City Council, said he was impressed with the mix of ages and abilities attending the course.

He commented: “We have seen a great variety of people joining the course, from mothers with children to people with learning disabilities. We have had well attended courses for the programme so far, something we are excited about given the potential of the course to open new horizons for residents in the ward.”

The training is being provided by leading engagement specialist We Are Digital. Working with over one hundred housing associations, government bodies and the hard-to-reach means that they were well placed to advise on the format of the course.

Speaking about the Cambridge City Homes project, Matthew Adam, CEO of We Are Digital, said: “We’re teaching people practical skills that are going to have a real impact on their lives such as using email, online banking and even how to negotiate their energy bills via comparison websites. It is about putting the power and the potential of the internet into their hands.”

Gary Bullock