Creating new experiences by getting online

February 21, 2022

“I’m grateful for receiving this training. As I was a novice, this training was an eye-opening experience to what I’m capable to do and learn”

Bridget Gray who is a resident of A2 Dominion has found out about the many benefits of being online after receiving training from We Are Digital.

She did not have a lot of experience accessing digital and she wanted to learn and become independent online.

“I wanted to learn and become independent, I was not using computers as much, and this was due to a lack of confidence and being a complete beginner”.

Bridget was referred to We Are Digital for training by her housing association A2 Dominion, and during the triage process, it became clear that she would benefit from using a more up to date digital device.

She was gifted with a tablet by her housing association to support her during her training sessions.

“I was nervous and excited at the same time”.

She received her digital skills training with the same trainer Nick, and she reports that he supported her to feel more confident in her sessions.

“The sessions were wonderful, and the trainer was patient, professional and delivered the training very well. Nick encouraged me to continue with the training”.

She has learnt how to use online banking, shop online, email and how to use privacy settings and choose secure passwords. After her sessions, Bridget is positive about how the support has helped her access the benefits of getting online.

“I have started using my device more often and I am now able to access websites and do many things online, I have become independent”.

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