Benefits for Our Partners


We understand that community organisations know their community best. Our Wel-Tech Platform alleviates administration and cost pressures, enabling our Community Partners to deliver enriched frontline support with local knowledge and access. By centralising all local delivery partners into one platform and integrating with their local core systems, the Wel-Tech Platform streamlines the service delivery process, removing the need for multiple applications and increasing efficiency. This allows our Community Partners to focus more on providing what they do best: helping end-users and reducing administrative tasks.


Our Wel-Tech Platform:

  • Serves as a comprehensive administrative tool for Community Partners.
  • Centralises multiple partner applications into one user-friendly platform, reducing inefficiency.
  • Integrates with key core systems (such as case management) to prevent double-keying.
  • Streamlines the service delivery process and sets it apart in the sector.
  • Referrals pooled into a single point of service, received immediately and appointments booked seamlessly via our centralised platform.
  • Eradicates the need to report, account manage and track funding (all done by We Are Group’s centralised system).
  • Increases efficiency which improves service delivery, benefiting end users to be helped quicker.
  • Provides access to online resources to further support partner development.