Benefits for Our Clients


We enable one journey by managing welfare services from initial ideation, solutions and implementation through to customer triage, assessment, appointment booking, integration to local delivery partners, welfare support and social impact reporting, all underpinned by our Wel-Tech Platform.

We Are Group Local Authorities Digital inclusion
  • Overall management of delivery programmes from ideation to implementation, enabling a supply chain from the community and third party sectors.
  • Management of the integration of referrals from various online and offline routes.
  • A holistic customer triage system for efficient resource allocation (including demand management across services).
  • Easy appointment bookings with live partner availability for timely customer care, improving efficiencies and allowing people to be seen quicker.
  • Coordination of resources and timelines across a fragmented partner base.
  • Tracking and monitoring of the entire customer journey from initial enquiry to final outcomes, with no droppage of data, for continuous improvements and efficiencies.
  • See all interactions for your citizens seeking advice and services within the community, allowing for improved resource planning.
  • Overall benefits include efficient management, dynamic real-time reporting, seamless collaboration, and optimised customer journey.
  • A solution tailored to each client's requirements (with the tech part a Cloud-based solution deployed quickly).
  • Rapid prevention and early intervention – get your customers the local support they need quicker and more efficiently, joining up all parts of the user journey.
  • Help more customers for less cost due to the proven efficiencies of this operating model.