Benefits for End Users


Our Wel-Tech Platform and Operating Model provides a single way of accessing multiple services for local citizens, delivered via our network of community partners utilising an omnichannel communications approach, including telephone, remote one-to-one/group, and in-person one-to-one/group. This means users have all methods of getting in touch when in need.


Users benefit from a seamless and efficient service with our comprehensive management solution, where they don’t need to be pushed from pillar to post across multiple touch-points to find support quickly, in any area and on any theme:

  • Our team handles the triage and booking process, ensuring timely and efficient appointments (for those that can manage their own journey, they can also self-serve).
  • Users are helped faster, routed to their local provider in an integrated, booked process (not just signposted to a phone number), for the support that’s right for their situation.
  • Our local community partners demonstrate a real local knowledge of the needs and pressures faced by the communities they support, providing specialist local help.
  • We offer centralised support services to assist end-users throughout their journey, including answering queries and resolving issues, plus technology support.
  • We coordinate activities and resources centrally to ensure a smooth customer experience.
  • Every channel of support offered to users under one roof: get help via phone, remote video, in-home or local centre.
  • We monitor each step of the journey and promptly address any potential issues.
  • Our detailed reporting collects and analyses data, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement and efficiency, benefiting both us and the end-user.
  • Signposting to other services that the end-user may need as identified, at the start or end of their journey.
  • Full safeguarding support for those with more complex or crisis needs.